About Us

First. JoomlaSec's creators are Dedicated 100% to customers.

-Guaranteed Smart Support Staff
-Guaranteed Rock Solid Hosting for your Website
-Guaranteed Performance for you

All of our services were designed by creators with experience in Fortune 100, 500 and 1000 companies. No skimping or expected small stuff. JoomlaSec knows Business and Business is good.

Second. With JoomlaSec. Your websites just work. They don't go down. It is not normal for your website to have issues. Even for a short time.

Third. JoomlaSec is committed to your Companies Security in every way. Security at JoomlaSec is always State of the Art. With constant research and development your websites security is always evolving ahead of the curve. In todays online security simply buying a web service or appliance is not enough. Thats why companies hire employees that are dedicated to security. Thats what you get from JoomlaSec. Real people that log into your website regularly. Not an automated check.

Head Quartered in Dayton, Ohio - United States

JoomlaSec is funded by a private company named JRB Services. JoomlaSec is owned and managed by employees. Our Management Team includes over 30 years of Fortune 100, 500, and 1000 company experience.

From the Founders:
-ASG - started Antihack Security Groups in 2002 (retired site)
-Dayton Onsite - Technical Support company - known for Honest, Low Pricing (sold, retired)
-Responsible for Virus Discoveries/Submissions
-Changes/Updates to Security in Windows XP (developed Windows Security)
-Responsible for (1) Court Document Security improvement that took place in the United States (which prevented Identity Theft of Americans)
-Responsible for Shaping the Technical Support Environment for a Top Fortune 100 Company (reduced unresolved 1st calls, and made customers happy, improving the company's image overall)
-Assisted over 1,000,000 people around the world with security related questions relating to Viruses, Firewalls and more. (via website ASG, retired)
-JoomlaSec/Partner networks have been free of virus out-brakes for 10 years!
-Virus Removal Studies including Instructions Creations & Removal Expertise
-Website Attack Investigation Studies including Instructions Creations & Removal Expertise
-Thwarted a theft scam for a Fortune 100 U.S. Bank involving employees

*all JoomlaSec Technicians receive the same training. And start to master their abilities in security and server administration techniques. All JoomlaSec employees and management are required to attend non-stop training to ensure the latest advances in technology are at your fingertips. All employees actions are monitored by the keystroke in order to ensure security from the inside. Background checks and pre-employment screenings are advanced.