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At JoomlaSec - Security is our #1 Priority. While offering Technical Support and Security Services for Joomla Websites and Servers. Our focus is on the Security of Joomla!® websites and protecting them from threats. Our goal is to let website creators focus more on their website and less on website security. JoomlaSec can secure your website on your current webhost or website owners can host a website with JoomlaSec and benefit from having 100% Automated Security. You never have to worry about how to protect or backup your site again. Sign up today and start enjoying the benefits of Automated Security. Click here for pricing.

Services Offered:

  • Website Recovery Service
  • Website Backup Service
  • Website Security Services (Apache, FTP, Mail, Exchange, Joomla and more)
  • Security Updates, Monitoring & Installation for Joomla! software and addons
  • Layered Security Protection Service
  • Security Investigation (find the issue)
  • Security Innovation (create security to fix the issue)
  • Spam Prevention Service
  • Spam Posting Prevention Service
  • Personalized Service
  • Multiple Attack Mitigation
  • Joomla! Auto Update Setup & Maintenance Service
  • Fresh Installation of Joomla!
  • Joomla Installation Services
  • Joomla Technical Support Services
  • Joomla Server Maintenance Services
  • Joomla Hacked Site Recovery and Repair Services
  • Joomla SQL Database Repair Services
  • Joomla Site Repair Services

JoomlaSec offers many custom packages to fit your security needs. You pay only for the features you need and reduce cost. Call today to speak with a friendly JoomlaSec representative to design a package for your website.